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Lisa Carroll has been in the healthcare field for as long as she can remember. Yet despite her attempts to follow current mainstream advice, she suffered from a plethora of medical issues including high blood pressure, high blood sugar, hyperinsulinemia, edema, low vitamin D, low B12, anxiety, chronic fatigue, gallstones, and lastly the two most debilitating: insulin resistance and fatty liver disease. All of these illnesses were attributed to central obesity, as she topped the scales at a whopping 275 lbs.

Doctors told Lisa to watch what she ate and to lose weight. What they did not tell her is that, given their advice and her current conditions, it would be close to impossible to do. She had given up on life and was struggling day-to-day with situational depression, most of which was related to not being able to get the help she needed from the community she was giving her life to.

Doctors know little to nothing about nutrition, and so all they could do was give Lisa more and more medications to try to manage the progression of her diseases. These prescriptions only compounded her problems as she began battling the various side effects. Taking medication, suffering the side effects, and then being prescribed additional medication to counter those effects seemed to her like utter madness.

That’s when Lisa decided to take matters into her own hands. In an effort to regain health, she began scouring the internet in a desperate search for solutions. Then she found a picture of Coach Mary Roberts, and discovered keto and the Ketovangelist website!

Like most people, Lisa had to battle the dogma that “fat makes you fat (and it will give you heart disease)." After so many years of being immersed in the main stream medical community, breaking these ingrained patterns of thinking took some soul searching and a lot of investigation. One of the first things she encountered on the Ketovangelist site where the very frightening words, "IT IS VERY HIGH FAT."

“Uh, no," she thought. "Are they crazy? Fat will give you heart disease!"

Yet there it was: that compelling picture of Coach Mary. Finally! Here was a body type she could relate to. And just look at her! Her transformation is amazing. Lisa decided this picture was worth a thousand words, and thus began her research. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Lisa has lost over 100 pounds and 50 inches. She has reversed all of her medical conditions- including lowering blood sugar levels to normal and a complete reversal of her fatty liver disease- and no longer has a need for all those medications.

Lisa has dedicated her life to spreading the word about the life changing benefits of Keto, and has a desire to reach out to those who are struggling to find their answer to weight loss, as well as those for whom the “sickcare” (aka: healthcare) system has failed. She longs for people to know that there is a better way, and she is committed to helping you find it.

Lisa is a Certified Health Coach, currently teaches Keto Basics seminars in her home area, and is pursuing a career as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She is hoping to start a Keto revolution in the health care industry! Join Lisa today and get started on your journey to better health and wellness.

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Clients Love Lisa Carroll!

Lisa was very caring and understanding. She always tried to explain things carefully and give me reasons behind her suggestions. She was very patient and understanding when I didn’t or couldn’t keep up with everything.

She answered my questions and was always willing to make suggestions and listen to what I was telling her about what was going on with life and with my keto journey.

I would definitely recommend this company. I found the site to be very professional, and the expectations for clients to be very clear.

Holly J.

I want to send a big THANK YOU to my coach Lisa Carroll! I have been working with Lisa for almost 3 weeks and WOW! I am absolutely amazed by the progress I have seen in this short time. I have lost 15.4 pounds, stopped taking medication for GERD, seen a significant reduction in hair loss and now fit in a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in 11 years. I started Keto last year about this time on my own and did great for the first few months, but then I got lazy and slacked off. I tried multiple times to start up again on my own without success and finally made the decision that I needed someone to help hold me accountable, that’s where Lisa comes in. She has been exactly what I needed to get myself back on track!

Tabatha E.

I started Keto January of 2017 and did what I thought was “Keto” but more like lazy Keto until November of 2017 . I was stalled for months before I decided to go with coach Lisa Carroll who taught me so much about reading food labels, vitamins, and really just paying more attention to my body than worrying about the scale.  I have many medical issues and understand it is a slower process for me as my body heals from all the damage done but I totally believe in this WOE to the point I am hoping to become a coach one day as well. 

Jerilyn Z.

I started with coach Lisa nine months ago — long enough go grow and birth a baby! And with the work we did on roots of my eating issues I feel I really have had a rebirth of sorts. I no longer binge, no longer think about food 24/7 (yes, I even dreamed of food), no longer run to food for comfort, love, distraction or as a sedative or tranquilizer. She worked with me through three exceptionally hard events in my life and I stayed Keto strong through it all. I could not have done it without my coach.

Miriam H.