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Ultimately tipping the scale at 306lbs, Carlos is no stranger to the damaging effects of sugars and vegetable oils on the body. He comes from a long family history of diabetes and high blood pressure that has been fueled by the generational curses of poor eating choices. Not to mention, his mother was already diagnosed with Type II diabetes prior to conceiving him which makes him more susceptible to getting Type II Diabetes. This reality never discouraged Carlos from taking action and ultimately gaining control of his health by adopting a real food ketogenic lifestyle.

Despite years of failed dieting, in 2015 Carlos followed the traditional bodybuilder diet eating 6 small meals a day and working out twice daily in hopes of gaining control over his health and breaking the family cycle of poor eating. This lifestyle allowed him to lose close to 50 pounds but left Carlos constantly bloated, exhausted, constipated, still dealing with heartburn and not feeling healthier in general. He was slimmer but didn’t feel slimmer. Not to mention, the 50lbs he lost was slowly coming back.

In 2017, after extensive research Carlos started adopting a real food ketogenic lifestyle and incorporated intermittent fasting shortly thereafter. The results were incredible; his digestive issues completely disappeared, energy went through the roof, and heartburn went away. In addition, he was able to reverse his pre diabetic diagnosis while also managing to get off allergy medication he had taken since a child.

From the very beginning, Carlos has been eager to share the benefits of following a ketogenic lifestyle with or without exercise to anyone who also believes weight loss is a byproduct of improved health. Now, after years of personal success and encouraging/coaching countless others to experience the increasing list of benefits, Carlos has undergone countless hours of training and certifications from respected founding doctors and leaders within the ketogenic community to provide his clients (or homies) with a well-rounded and holistic approach to their individual goals. 

Carlos is currently 34 years of age and lives in St Louis, Missouri where he does Material Accounting work within a Fortune 100 company. He is a member of the Elite team at KOR Komplex where he travels to experience various obstacle courses across the country. His passion lies in helping people especially those within the African American community experience the many benefits of reversing generational curses through implementing a ketogenic & intermittent fasting lifestyle. 

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