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Scott is a 40 year young husband and father of 3 who has been living a ketogenic lifestyle since 2014, when a health scare helped him to find the ketogenic diet and forever change his life.

Scott has been battling weight issues most of his life but recalls they didn’t get too out of hand until he graduated college and got his first office job. The pounds just compounded from there. By the time Scott was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, and fatty liver in 2014 he weighed over 415 pounds. His panic attacks had become so frequent and severe he rarely left his house. As luck would have it, a severe reaction to his diabetes medication saved his life. Not wanting to experience the side effects of the medications he was taking; he began researching ways to control his glucose levels without prescription medication and came across the ketogenic lifestyle. The rest is history. Within 18 months not only had he completely reversed his Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, and fatty liver, he had lost a whopping 210 pounds in the process. This led to an invitation to be inducted into the Joy Fit Club live on the Today Show.

His story has also been published in Yahoo Health and all the way over in England with Agnes and David.

Now that all the health issues are gone, Scott enjoys helping other people make the changes that he once thought were out of reach by changing activity and eating habits to adopt a new, healthier, ketogenic lifestyle.

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