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Jade has been following a ketogenic lifestyle for over 3 years.  She has worked in the health and wellness field for 14 years during that time she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in community health.  Today she runs a small massage practice and is a community health educator teaching others about the importance of whole body care.

Jade was raised in a home that believed deeply in the importance of health and wellness.  Her diagnoses of Epilepsy at a young age only strengthened that importance. Which created a drive in Jade to want to learn more and know why health related changes happen to not just her but to others as well.

Through life Jade has been a constant seeker of knowledge reading any and all books she could find on health.  While also learning self-care techniques, patient advocacy and gaining understanding of brain health and neurological disorders. Jade experimented often with different types of fitness, incorporated alternative therapies and tried various eating protocols over the years. Always on the look out to find ways to improve her health and the health of the ones around her.  

In 2015 Jade was at what she considered her lowest point.  After having another seizure and trying yet another medication she was struggling. She was diagnosed with gastritis, was underweight, had daily brain fog, chronic joint and muscle pain, constant fatigue and each day was a struggle to get out of bed.  Jade was tired of the cycle her Epilepsy put her in and a suggestion from her little sister to look into the ketogenic diet led her down a new path of healing.

In the beginning she struggled finding answers and information relating to adults with Epilepsy using the ketogenic diet.  So began her daily routine researching, reading and listening to podcast’s that mentioned brain health, inflammation, nutrition and the benefits of living a ketogenic lifestyle.  In the process she learned the many health benefits including weight loss with a ketogenic lifestyle.

Jade took all her new knowledge and created her own keto plan to help her control her seizures, get back to a healthy weight and reach a dream of being off medication. She created a set of macro’s to follow, began testing ketones and glucose, things began to improve.

Today Jade is managing her Epilepsy, on the least amount of medication ever and living a full and happy life in spite of her diagnosis.  Jade is dedicated to helping others overcome their struggles and find a new path to healing.

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